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Freshly cut lawn

Ok, so if you live in the Northern Virginia area and are a homeowner you have done your share of research on good home services in the area. I am sure there are the good, the bad, and the ugly “run, don’t walk away” companies out there.

I happen to live in a very lush lawn neighborhood. When I was striding with my dog Rocky down my neighborhood, I started to see some fantastic lawns. Honestly, it made me jealous, knowing that I was walking back home to an ill manicured lawn, courtesy of yours truly.
During my walk, I noticed a couple of lawn mowing service trucks around the neighborhood who were mowing my neighbor’s lawns. I took the liberty of pulling out my iPhone and jotting down the names I saw. Knowing that my neighbors had trust in them made me feel comfortable calling them.
I got home and thought about the following questions:

  • What service did I need? (Lawn Mowing, Weeding, Fertilizing, etc.)
  • How much was I willing to pay, and how often? (Weekly Lawn Mowing Service, Bi-Weekly Lawn Mowing Service, on call, etc.)
  • What were my criteria for hiring? (Reviews, Price, Reputation)

Here is what I came up for Lawn mowing service in Alexandria, VA
From my walk with Rocky, I jotted down my neighbors pick for lawn mowing service \

  • Lawnsy
  • The Alexandria Lawn Care Service
  • Rosemont Landscaping and Lawncare
  • Nutleaf, Naturally Better Lawn Care

When I got home, I decided to do a quick search for lawn mowing service near me on I decided to compile my search and come up with the best lawn mowing service near me.

  • Complete Lawn Service, Inc
  • Jackson Lawn Care Service
  • Mt. Diablo Landscaping and Maintenance
  • Kingstown Lawn & Landscape

Among the neighbors and my search, this was the best based on the rating on google local, yelp and other review sites like:

In case you are a do it yourself homeowner like I was. I included this excellent video for you to watch.



Need a quote for great Lawn Service in Alexandria:

Fill the form out & and of the companies in this article will reach out to you.

Below are the locations of the lawn services that were picked:


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