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Ok, so if you live in the Northern Virginia area and are a homeowner you have done your share of research on good home services in the area. I am sure there are the good, the bad, and the ugly “run, don’t walk away” companies out there.

I happen to live in a very lush lawn neighborhood. When I was striding with my dog Rocky down my neighborhood, I started to see some fantastic lawns. Honestly, it made me jealous, knowing that I was walking back home to an ill manicured lawn, courtesy of yours truly.
During my walk, I noticed a couple of lawn mowing service trucks around the neighborhood who were mowing my neighbor’s lawns. I took the liberty of pulling out my iPhone and jotting down the names I saw. Knowing that my neighbors had trust in them made me feel comfortable calling them.
I got home and thought about the following questions:

  • What service did I need? (Lawn Mowing, Weeding, Fertilizing, etc.)
  • How much was I willing to pay, and how often? (Weekly Lawn Mowing Service, Bi-Weekly Lawn Mowing Service, on call, etc.)
  • What were my criteria for hiring? (Reviews, Price, Reputation)

Here is what I came up for Lawn mowing service in Alexandria, VA
From my walk with Rocky, I jotted down my neighbors pick for lawn mowing service \

  • Lawnsy
  • The Alexandria Lawn Care Service
  • Rosemont Landscaping and Lawncare
  • Nutleaf, Naturally Better Lawn Care

When I got home, I decided to do a quick search for lawn mowing service near me on I decided to compile my search and come up with the best lawn mowing service near me.

  • Complete Lawn Service, Inc
  • Jackson Lawn Care Service
  • Mt. Diablo Landscaping and Maintenance
  • Kingstown Lawn & Landscape

Among the neighbors and my search, this was the best based on the rating on google local, yelp and other review sites like:

In case you are a do it yourself homeowner like I was. I included this excellent video for you to watch.



Need a quote for great Lawn Service in Alexandria:

Fill the form out & and of the companies in this article will reach out to you.

Below are the locations of the lawn services that were picked:

2 thoughts on “Lawn Mowing Service”

  1. {
    “@context”: “”,
    “@type”: “HomeAndConstructionBusiness”,
    “name”: “Lawnsy “,
    “url”: “”,
    “logo”: “”,
    “image”: “”,
    “description”: “Lawnsy\nLawn Service in Alexandria VA\nIf you’ve ever wondered how to have a bright green lawn like the ones in magazine show homes, it’s as simple as hiring Lawnsy to look after your lawn. The secret is out. Your neighbors don’t spend a lot of time looking after their lawn—they hire the lawn service professionals to save time and money. Lawnsy proudly serves Alexandria and surrounding regions. We provide one-time maintenance to get your lawn in order for the season, such as lawn mowing or yard cleanup, or we provide weekly service that keeps your lawn looking its best through all the warm and hot seasons.\nLawnsy works with you to provide optimized and customized lawn care service. If you’re working on a one-time project, we’d also be happy to provide assistance. We help homeowners with their lawn service improvement projects, moving, yard cleanup, core-aeration, power rake and de-thatching, over-seeding issues, and top-dressing.\n\nWe also provide weed removal services as required, beginning or end of season cleanup, grass cutting, and fertilizer or lime applications. If there is anything else you need help with during your yard cleanup or waste removal projects, please give Lawnsy a call today to book an appointment.\nAddress: 5832 Bethel Rd, Alexandria, VA 22310\nPhone: 703-570-5491\nEmail:\nWorking Hours: 7AM-7PM”,
    “address”: {
    “@type”: “PostalAddress”,
    “streetAddress”: “5832 Bethel Rd”,
    “addressLocality”: “Alexandria”,
    “addressRegion”: “VA”,
    “postalCode”: “22310”,
    “addressCountry”: “USA”
    “hasMap”: “”,
    “openingHours”: “Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa, Su 07:00-19:00”,
    “priceRange”: “$19 – $65 Per Service”,
    “telephone”: “+1(703)570-5491”,
    “contactPoint”: {
    “@type”: “ContactPoint”,
    “contactType”: “sales”,
    “telephone”: “+1(703)570-5491”

    Thank you1


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